try to do something, same as "give it a shot".
A: This job is a little hard for me to do, but i think you can make it.
B: k, lets give it a go.
by jeff fung July 2, 2008
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A common basketball maneuver popularized by Chuck Hearn, whose definition eventually transfered to the bedroom.

Includes a quick sexual encounter, quickly followed up by a "never see you again" departure.
"She definately isn't the kind of girl I want to spend time with. I think I'll just catch her defense off-guard with a 'give and go' to get an easy bucket."

"That 'give and go' was in and out like Pippen to Jordan."
by Matthew DStar April 19, 2006
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The give and go requires a treadmill, a man and a woman. The begins by turning the treadmill to max speed then standing on the sides next to the actual "tread." He then proceeds to hold the woman upside while she gives him a blowjob, and when he finishes he simply drops her onto the treadmill.
Dude after I "give and go-ed" that slut she put a hole in my fucking wall.
by timmmmmmm April 25, 2008
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Give and Go is a term used to describe the procedure of using the bathroom on another floor at another company in an office building and completly destroying it "repainting" it if you will.

Usually done the morning after a night of heavy drinking
"George just went to the ninth floor for a give and go, I can smell it coming down the elevator shaft"

"George just went down to the seventh for a quick give and go"
by kman898 March 26, 2010
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An individual who is taking it up the ass eats the freshly excreted fesis from that of whom is giving it up the ass.
In a final attempt to gain the needed energy, for Mike was exhausted at the time from all the ass-fucking, his significant other, Tom decided it would be useful for the two to initiate a give-and-go, for Tom was in the need to release some extra weight holding him down from giving Mike the best time in his gay-ass (literally in this example) life
by Dicks In January 14, 2010
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It is when you insert your penis into the girls mouth and let her bite the tip of it until a little of blood comes out then insert it into the girls vagina and proceed to have sex with them.
My boyfriend gave me the New York Give n Go, it was so slippery.
by Jsssam August 4, 2011
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