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1)When a vehicle (most commonly a car) is at a complete stop and has been set in the parked setting.

2)When someone gets fondled or molested; usually a male being molested by an older male. This term is most commonly used in schools or churches to describe what a queer acting gym teacher/priest would do to a young boy.
1)Sam-"Your cars gonna get stolen again."
Lacee-"No it wont, I parked out back. You negative Bitch!"

2)Zain-"Mr.Yunohu has been hugging Bob a lil too tizight
after gym class."
Fred-"Yeah. He's totally gonna get parked someday."
by hoompa October 15, 2005
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Being put in your place after being dissed. When you get back at somebody because of dissing or through joking and you are told "you got served," aka parked.
Nancy: "Jess, you couldn't add even if you had the calculator solve the problem for you!"
Nate: "Damn, you just got parked!"
by Nathaniel Szkil December 15, 2007
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The act of being so tired that you cannot move. Being "parked" in place.
Bro I'm so parked after that chop. I'm too parked to get up. I'm hella parking right now.
by hellaparked March 17, 2014
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To be kept waiting for a long period of time.
I was parked at the dentist for almost 3 hours before they even attended me.
by MikeSpace October 26, 2007
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The ultimate approach shot in disc golf (aka Frisbee golf or frolf) where the final landing location is directly underneath the pole hole basket
Weezer: Your super hyzer tee shot is totally parked on that par 3
Lester: yeah, I used a bitchin' over stable JK Pro to get the job done
by wch-meister October 06, 2017
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When you and a bro(s) get high in a parked car
Hey bro, wanna go get parked in my new Honda
by brogetdownwithasideofbeans January 19, 2018
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