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What many parents don't do correctly or do not do unfortunately. A lack of proper parenting results in many children either growing up to be entitled brats or imprisoned. If the modern U.S society wasn't so weak and soft our children would have morals and respect again.
Example of real Parenting

Russel "Boy if you bully anyone else at school today your gonna get your ass whooped."

Ruben "Son if you don't do them damn dishes ima whoop yo ass."
by VictorRez3ov January 29, 2019
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Being a parent. (Children optional.) (I mean, seriously, if it were about children the term would mention children.) (But it's "parenting," which means it's all about me, the parent, and the child, if any, is merely an accessory, like my handbag or my iPhone.) (Only more expensive.)
My mother and father all but killed themselves raising my brothers and sisters and me. I'm so glad my generation invented parenting instead.
by ak4mc January 31, 2011
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Making sure at all times your kids are successfully beaten.
"I once had magical powers, and I wished that my house was larger and considered cooking the television, later I did parenting."
by David Kline May 14, 2004
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A word parents use to describe to their kids so they can manipulate their kids. Usually parents that use this word are control freaks.
by YungHumor November 28, 2018
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