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Playing hide and seek - naked version. Whoever you find you have to fuck.
Joe: Let's play hide and fuck.
Amy: Ok sure

Joe: Ready or not I'm coming
Amy: Me too!
by Downtown Wtf June 10, 2009
1) stands for Recreational vehicle
2) can also be Road Virus (since they are like everywhere in the fricken summer)
1) dad: hey son, we taking the RV for a day trip want to come?
2) son: no thanks i think ive seen enough this week
by Downtown Wtf August 22, 2007
When you are halfway taking a shower when the water goes cold/hot or stops suddenly, either by somone playing a joke or just naturally.

Mom: Mike what happened to the water!
Mike: Not my fault, it was a showercut
by Downtown Wtf October 4, 2007
A person who takes control of an elevator (lift) by pressing every button OUTSIDE the lift by running down/up the stairs.

The person watches a crowd go down/up the elevator, the person then runs down/up the stairs and presses the down/up button so that the elevator stops on that floor when no one is waiting to get on. The liftjacker keeps repeating until he/she reaches the top or bottom floor or until he gets caught where he runs out of sight for his next "act of terror".

This causes huge outbursts of anger and annoyance.
Jack: I'm late for work thanks to that liftjacker!!

by Downtown Wtf November 3, 2008
1. another name for a lampost
2. a tall and lanky figure
3. a fireman
1. look at the baldip its very dim!
2. that must be the tallest baldip ever!
3. lol that baldip saved that cats life!
by Downtown Wtf January 9, 2008
when a man shoots sperm into a womans pussy hole from a further distance then having sex, the man then leaves for the sperm to be absorbed by the pussy
Jane: wow last night Rick gave me something better than sex
Katie: really what happened
Jane: he wanted to shoot the hole so i let him and it was the best
by Downtown Wtf August 23, 2007
Very sexy girls that originate from Eastern Europe, mainly from Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Ukraine, Latvia and so on. They are known for their very sexy and slender bodies and most have natural blonde hair with blue eyes. Their thin bodies show that some could be anorexic and some Eastern European girls are fat but this is very uncommon in that part of the world. Most prostitutes come from Eastern Europe. They are the most beautiful women in the world and most speak English with a very sexy accent.

Unfortunately there would be a few that would steal your money after marrying you and would run away after the 3rd day of marriage. Eastern European girls like to live in english speaking countries; especially England, America and Canada.

On the plus side, they are very friendly and they love black and asian guys. They don't eat fast food and put American girls to shame in beauty contests. Some Eastern European girls can also be quite lazy and some don't work at all. You don't have to visit Eastern Europe to see them, just travel to London or New York and they will be there.
Adam: Hey Joe check out this picture of my new girlfriend and she's from Russia.
Joe: WOW, shes fucking hot!
Adam: Yeah, Eastern European girls are so beautiful.
by Downtown Wtf August 10, 2009