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When someone gets absolutely shut down/rekt
Person 1: "I've had sex plenty of times"
Person 2: "It doesn't count if it's with yourself"
Person 3: "Damn, son! You just got parred!"
by topbantz July 24, 2015
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To be parred.
To lose a bet from a seemingly impossible position or lose a bet in a bizarre manner.
Your horse is 10 lengths clear at the 100m and get's nailed on the line? You've been parred.
Your trotter holds on to win but then gets beaten on protest? You've been parred.
Your greyhound is charging down the outside but gets hit in the head by a duck? You've been parred.
by The Early Crow August 20, 2018
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A special type of roast for being an SJW. People who are Parred get triggered and upload a rant on twitter or Tumblr.
SJW: I got freaking parred we must destroy all men

SJW: right back at ya lets rant on some men.
by Yay-erz September 21, 2017
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