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When a person is sufficiently addicted to checking their e-mail and/or text message inboxes, said inbox becomes known as "Pandora's In-Box."
Jeff: Hold on, I think I just got a text.

Mike: Dude, your phone is turning into Pandora's In-box.
by Mackie11 June 16, 2009
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An inbox containing an e-mail/text/social networking message that you receive in your inbox that you feel you would've been better off not opening.
"...Honestly, I don't care where you end up from here, but either grow up, or get out of my life.

p.s. just so I'm clear, we were friends, but I don't and never have liked you more than that. Feeling that way about me is pointless, nothing will ever happen between us. Find someone else and be happy!... now let me ask one last thing: how close DID you think we were? I considered you a friend, i didnt think we were as close as it seems you thought we were..."

Becky: Yeah, he sent all that and more in a stupid fucking facebook message.

Sharon: Wow, what a douchebag.
Becky: Yeah, and the sucky thing was that my mom went in and changed my password on my Facebook account because I was grounded and I didn't read this until a week after he sent it when I got my password back. I wish I was still grounded so that I would not have known what he had said.
Sharon: Hmmm, sounds like a message from Pandora's In-box.
by S[he's] Br[ok]en September 22, 2011
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