National Bitch day. This is the day we are bitches from all around the world come together and act like complete crackheads together
Yo it’s March 3rd. National Bitch day
by Some basic white bitch March 2, 2020
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If you are born on this day you are the baddest of the bad and are absolutely gorgeous, stunning, and amazing and everyone loves you and not to mention you are super smart and have a seek for a good relationship and you probably want 2 kids and have blond Hair.
When were you born
March 3rd
You are gorgeous and smart!
by Heyuranda September 26, 2020
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The day to celebrate the dumbass’ being born. Even though they are dumb they’re absolutely fine asf.
Jamie is totally March 3rd
by Hieeyyyy October 13, 2019
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March 3 is slap a wanker day this is someone that you hate or is just plain stupid

This is a free pass to hit them as many times as you like
Person 1 : it's March 3rd
Person 2 : so..
Person 1 : it's slap a wanker day !!!
by Cd1*caeb050329 January 2, 2020
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National Give ur Sweatshirt to a girl day🤩❤️
by Kylie Figga March 3, 2020
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eating dick as sushi day. It's also the day the best and most elite people are born. They are all so handsome gorgeous hot perfect with large cock or small mommy milkers. I can confirm that, i was born in march 3rd
-yo this person is born on march 3rd!!
-yeah bro she's so cool why can't i be like her if she had a cock it would be bigger than mine
by irini iroini October 3, 2021
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