When a poor sap actually falls victim to worshipping the almighty pancake. This can be full blown religious worship or even just ruining breakfeast variety.
Chance: "dude i love pancakes"
Aj: "Serious pancakeism i see"
by nOmega November 12, 2009
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A sexual act in which a pancake is wiped across the person’s ass hole and then slapped against their titties until one or both partners comes.
Dory and Drew admitted to pancaking Keith.
by PearlRachinsky February 07, 2021
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When you assume a sex position so that each thrust emits a sound similar to that of pancakes being thrown at walls.
Brit couldn't sleep last night because of how hard Haig and Jacox were pancaking
by frank the waffle man August 01, 2016
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A sexual act in which a pancake is wiped across a person's asshole and then rubbed on their titties until they come.
I got pancaked so hard last night, my asshole and nipples are rubbed raw.
by Icyndragon September 07, 2015
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When A Female Is First "Clapped" from the back and then turned around and fucked from the front by a different person
"I can't believe Sally is getting clapped from back, oh wait when did Johnny get here? Oh no he turned her around and he's hitting it from the front she's getting flipped like a Pancake!!!!" Pancaked
by YesItIsMe13 April 30, 2018
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noun, plural - when a womans breasts look very big and voluptuous in a bra, but with no bra they sag and flatten out
your momma's boobs look nice, but when i got her naked i saw that they were pancakers and left immediately.
by colinpdubbs October 20, 2011
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