An insanely massive breakfast, usually containing various types of typical breakfast foods in large(r) quantities.
I had a birthday breakfeast: three eggs, an omelet, four slices of bacon, four sausage links, hashbrowns, five pancakes, two waffles, French toast; I'm pretty much full.
by Naomi-Tatiana October 21, 2006
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some awsome sonic restaurant commercial that has been erased from the internet due to lawsuits with youtube and sonic.
by shnider December 10, 2007
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A codename or soubriquet for fantastic morning sex; a meal, early in the day, at Sonic

breakfast: a codename for morning sex
Lets go have breakFEAST in bed.

I'll two Breakfast Bistros with Sausage, Egg & Cheese and a Breakfast Burrito with Ham...I want to have a breakFEAST!
by The Real Governor August 13, 2007
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Getting a hand-job while eating breakfeast.
Last time I was in Amsterdam I had a cup of coffee, a muffin, todays newspaper and a breakfeast squeezer.
by Sean Bishop July 07, 2009
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When the man inserts a banana in the woman's vagina and eats the banana while performing oral sex. It got popular after a couple in New York told thier friends and the girl said it felt amazing.
Last night we did the Monkey's Breakfeast, it was amazing!
by tikihead January 19, 2010
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Well it's when you make an omelet in a womens take
the eggs and the beater and you place the eggs in the woman and gently beat the eggs gently inside of her.slap her in the ass with the spatula if you want(always a bonus!)Now there ready to be cooked. Have her stand up let the egg drip out of her in to a hot skillett. and there you go breakfeast for too.
Just dont cook bacon naked!!!
Last night i fucked lindsey and this morning she wanted a porchegese breakfeast and she was delicous!!
by Sickness of the Nickness June 13, 2007
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When a women spreads her legs out infornt of you and you crack an egg between them letting the yolk run down and in the pussy.

Also refered to as sunny side poon.
Guy1:Yo last night i gave Kelly a turkish breakfeast.

Guy2:Nice yo.
by karma sutra nutra May 17, 2007
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