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Handsome, Sexy, Passionate, Funny, Wants to be Wealthy, Intelligent,
Haig stands for Handsomen, Angel, Intellegent, Good Friend.
by loves life February 25, 2009
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"Man fuck Donald trump, he wants to build a wall and don't pay taxes!!"
by January 30, 2017
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one awesome, amazingly sexy guy. some say he once attacked a squirrel for an acorn he wanted to eat, but ate the squirrel instead. others say he once canoed off the shores of San Diego but ended up in restricted government territory. he once pissed off a gorilla at the zoo which ended up throwing shit and hitting someone else. another tale tells of him tazing a bullet in his attic and ending up having to patch the roof. All we know is hes called Haig!
"U-G-L-Y, you aint got no allaby you ugly, ya ya, you ugly* "

*Excluding all Haigs, words derived from the root word Haig, or anything having to do with the person(s) named or called Haig.

This message was endorsed by the foundation of extraordinarily looking men.
by Not named Haig lol April 25, 2011
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1. A half Ruskie half terrorist.
2. Gringo wanna be.
3. Damn Ruskie
4. Bloody Ruskie
5. Lettuce killer
6. Because we can hater
I'll give you a bloody example of what ever i want!
by Bob Hope III June 18, 2004
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