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Pampi, a strange being originating from somewhere in Italy. Friend of Mario and Mussolini. Often on the recieving end of practical jokes and descrimination. Enjoys eating spaghetti.
Hey Mario! It's me, Pampi! I've hada my bag stolen againa!
by Blind January 22, 2005
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Like a sprite
Counterpart to Puck from midsummer night's dream

A small or elusive supernatural being; an elf or pixie.
An elflike person.
A fairy, faery, faerie
Small, human in form, playful, whimsical, having magical powers

Middle Bengali pampi, from Pregnant Lady Prattling pampi
Who does she think she is? Tiny dancer on the sand?! She's such a Pampi! Do you know she's not even had a drink?
by Pampi June 09, 2006
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