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A guy who keeps it real all the time and isn't afraid to use the PAMP-hand
Big Pamp just straight up dominated that shit!
by Big PAMP February 21, 2005
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One whose coolness far excedes that of a pimp.
Did you see that new Nissan 350z? It's pamp!
by Kate & Hal July 19, 2004
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Retail Baby Product- Pampers Diapers

Much funner than the old addage "Shit"

To poop, crap, turd.
"I have to take a major pamp!"
by Grizzly October 06, 2004
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An extreme pimp. But also an acronym.
Snoop: man we keep it realer than real, you know we always pampin.
by IsaiahB June 25, 2005
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Pamp is often used to describe one being that is beautiful in the ways of knowledge and aesthetics

it can also mean
"Wow you see Shane yesterday? he was so pamping"

"oh yes how pamp is Shane i wish i could crawl in his pants"

"wow lets go pamp that guy over there"

"oh yeah thats Shane no matter what color he is hes still sir-pamp-alot"
by shane sir-pamp-alot May 07, 2008
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A sex pest who pesters girls for naked pictures, Pamps may also think they are Pimp Daddy's and answer their phone with the greeting "ye boy" or ye girl"or "ye <recipiants name>".
Pete: send Pamps a pic of yo ass girl
Faye: No Pete! I have sent you 3 already leave me alone!
by Ishtiaque Chowdhury June 06, 2007
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