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Libelous and doctored media created by Palestinians in an attempt to demonize Israel.
"Did you see that video of an Israeli soldier beating an innocent little kid with night stick?" "Yes I did see it and I noticed that the night stick kind of wobbled a little like it was rubber." " You know what? This video deserves an Oscar for it is most definitely Pallywood!"
by Ross Edelman February 26, 2008
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Pallywood is the propaganda vehicle of the Palestinian "cause". It is an alliance between Islamist & secular terrorist organisations (the internal military, political and information arm), left-wing NGOs and "charities" (the external political arm), and Western media organisations (the external information arm) with an insatiable hunger for imaginary Israeli war crimes involving dead children. The primary objective of Pallywood is the destruction of Israel. It's role with in that objective is to disseminate propaganda which is damaging to reputation of Israel. Techniques include:

1. Using photography and other visual media to construct fake stories of atrocities by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF).

2. Luring the IDF to attack sites and kill civilians. This is order to create the dead bodies, particularly of children, required to maximise the propaganda effect for visual media. The sites are carefully chosen. Schools, shelters and hospitals are used to enhance the emotive impact of the propaganda.

3. Ignoring, downplaying or providing apologia for homicides and other terror attacks conducted against Israeli citizens.

4. Ignoring or providing apologia for the oppression of citizens of the Palestinian territories and the kleptocratic and fascist nature of the Palestinian leaders.

5. Disseminating misinformation about the origin and history of Israel.

6. Disseminating misinformation about the reasons behind the lack of quality of life in the Palestinian territories.

7. Appealing to decisions made by NGOs such as the United Nations, Amnesty International and various Islamist influenced "charities" whose agendas have been hijacked by those who are committed to the destruction of Israel.
There is a symbiotic relationship between each arm of Pallywood. Western media organisations require dead bodies, particularly of children, to create sensational stories. Images of dead children are good for the cause of terror groups who are only too happy to oblige.

1. The primary technique of Palliwood is to stage - create, film and edit - chaotic scenarios outside of Palestinian and Lebanese medical facilities. This involves using emergency vehicles, a cacophony of noise and multiple actors who are "frantic", "distressed" and often carrying small children who are dead or injured. Almost always, the children have almost no discerning wounds despite being the alleged victims of high explosive weapons.

2. Palliwood has been caught red-handed, on several occasions, creating fake scenarios. The most famous example of which was exposed by the ZombieTime website. It involved the use of old, wrecked Lebanese ambulances to claim that the IDF was deliberately targeting emergency medical vehicles. Despite the fact that the vehicles had only superficial rust damage, the Western media unquestioningly claimed that the vehicles had been struck by Apache-launched hellfire missiles.

3. Aside from staging "atrocities", Palliwood uses human shields to lure the IDF into killing non-combatants. This includes conducting military operations among or within the immediate vicinity of non-combatants in order to simultaneously gain military advantage and put the IDF at risk of "causing" a highly emotive situation. An incident of this nature occurred during the 2006 war in Lebanon where Hezb'allah placed Katushya rocket launchers on top of an air raid shelter. The IDF attacked the site and, in the process, unknowingly killed 50+ non-combatants. In early 2009, a similar incident occurred where Hamas combatants fired mortar shells from a school compound in Gaza. The return fire from the IDF resulted in the deaths of 40 civilians. The information arm of Pallywood, the Western media, steadfastly refuses to acknowledge that the conduct of military operations among civilians is in breach of the Geneva Conventions.

4. Pallywood conveniently chooses to downplay and excuse attacks on Israel by Palestinian terror groups. The 1700 rockets fired by from Gaza into Israel in 2008 were almost exclusively ignored by the Western media, whilst the Israeli response was, naturally, heavily publicised.

5. Pallywood portrays Israel as the aggressor by propagating the ratio of casualties between the two sides as if those with the greatest number of casualties must be the victims.
by murph1973 January 08, 2009
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An offensive and quasi-racist word coined by right wing Israelis to cast doubt on evidence of abuses by Israeli soldiers and others who perpetuate the occupation. If you don't think it's racist, how would you like it if the word Jewywood entered the conversation?
Right wing Israeli: Ignore that video of soldiers kicking a Palestinian kid. It's Pallywood.
Mainstream Israeli: I don't know, it looks pretty authentic.
Right wing Israeli: No, no, Israeli soldiers wouldn't do that. It must be Pallywood.
by Mark703 June 05, 2017
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