Peaking out - a phrase reffering to a state of mind, resulting from a stressful or disturbing situation, which is generally associated with an instantaneous feeling of uncertainty, paranoia and fear.
Tom: Dude, I dropped 4 tabs of acid yesterday.
Richard: Oh bro, that's a lot. How was it?
T: Dude, I was peaking out for half of it.

R: That's peak man.

Harry: I was studying philosophy yesterday night and I realized life is worth nothing. I peaked out.
by Stoners International February 23, 2016
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to reach a maximum high on weed before calling it a night.
Slim always wants us to peak out in the lounge before he goes to bed.
by Legelino January 30, 2006
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When a person hits the absolute maximum potential for growth due to stress. Generally jawbones, shoulder width, height, hair color and sometimes even race suddenly changes due to stress, overeating, lack of sleep, or prolonged time having sexual intercourse.
The guy walked in the bar looking angry as hell! I swear, he looked like Dolph fucking Lundgren...He was so peaked out.
by Brandola June 1, 2014
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verb/: to summit a mountain

verb used by huge tools in colorado, mostly by rich credit card hippies in boulder
even though i'm wearing a bunch of north face gear, have a beard, listen to widespread, and drive a range rover, i couldn't peak out.
by ballzdeep April 12, 2005
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What might happen to your penis if you go "commando" (no underwear) and don't remember to zip your pants up. It often also happens to a woman's breast, especially at the most inappropriate moment. Normally spelled "peek”.
Her left breast did a peak out when she'd leaned towards me from the other side of the table. A very very nice view.
by Panchoman Jr. November 17, 2006
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