The one squad member who you can't trust or someone who is just a snake in the grass.
John has been a pagon since we laughed at his shoes.
by _%_ February 02, 2016
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Pagon is probably some dip shit person who makes friends and steals their money for a vending machine thats barely $1.25, This kid poor as fuck to be honest.
Pagon is a bitch
by xxShadow October 18, 2017
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Pagon is someone to never trust /date cause theyll make you think you caused their problems
Omg you know tomas he’s such a pagon
Never go out with pheonix he’s a pagonn
by Omillar May 25, 2019
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people who tried to google pagan, but could not spell it.
guy: Hey dude did you know pagon people have druids
druid: It is pagan, and yes I did
by NETB007 February 11, 2016
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Pronounced: PAG-OWN

having a best friend till the end, confide in, banter with and just love!
Oh my god, we're definitely pagone, I just can't imagine my life without my pagone!

Dude, I can't wait to pagone her.
by Thistookalotofeffort January 21, 2012
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A mountain of an RE Teacher who is known as Mt Pagon
Look, hide your assholes, it's Mt Pagon.
by Pagon February 19, 2021
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