"How the hell do you spell phoenix?"
"um....er... f-e-...wait no. p-h-e-o-n-i-x"
by Marcello April 8, 2004
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A ugly bitch that thinks shes funny”
Eww theres goes pheonix”
by Imricherthanyouman December 9, 2018
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A sweet popular girl who everyone thinks she is a bitch but she really just wants to be loved by everyone. She has a lot of friends, and usually has brown eyes. She is beautiful and loves music. She isn't afraid to speak out and loves to win arguments. If u have a friend named Pheonix then u are a lucky person
Wow Pheonix is amazing.
by Always_average June 15, 2015
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Gorgeous name for a gOrGeOuS girl! She is very talented and very smart (smart common sense wise with math smarts).

She doesnt take anyones crap and if you talk back she will most likely hit you or walk away. She is not afraid to fight if necessary.

She is very weird, but everyone likes it. She is tall and thick :) She is very funny and laughs at her own jokes. She takes nothing seriously and could be counted as a sociopath because she has no feelings whatsoever. She is a great listener and a great advice giver. She is great with old people and children. She is loyal, trustworthy, intelligent, stupid, and slow (shes a "blonde").
me- "hey, that girl over there is cute."
you- "yeah, shes a pheonix"
by dads mistake :)) January 7, 2019
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Despite the fact that people commonly compare it to sex or the town, the pheonix is actually a fire bird from Greek mythology, know to revive if killed but also the goddess of rebirth
Person 1: A pheonix is a beautiful girl who i would like to do naughty things to.
Me: It is actually a legendary beast from Greek mythology
by Cobja May 27, 2018
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A sexual move in which the male is holding the female perpendicular to his body fac down while standing so shes in the air, the male then proceeds to pour gasoline(or any flamable liquid) on her back and lights her on fire so she flaps her arms like wings immitating a pheonix.
Man, you might go to jail for using "The Pheonix" on that girl last night, I think most countries consider that arson.
by Wandre March 4, 2011
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A Super sexy amazing girl who has magical powers to make anyone fall for her super adorableness can rock any clothes and is amazing at playing video games but always shuts down guys who ask her for sex
Damn look at the might fine sexy Pheonix
by DarthVaderLikesDonuts August 6, 2017
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