A guy who randomly joins a random camp and asks "Hey you guys want to go get hot dogs?"
Or says "Yo what the fuck?"
Corbin *sees this on Urban Dictionary*: Yo what the fuck?
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Corbin is a very trust worthy , funny and amazing person . He will always be there for you no matter what and always knows what to say . He comes off like nothing really gets to him but if you really know Corbin you know that he is human too , he has feelings too , no matter how strong he comes off .Corbin is one of the funniest people you will ever meet and even when your really sad he still seems to be able to make you smile and laugh . Corbin always makes sure that you know that he cares about you and is there for you . Corbin isn't fake he tells you exactly how it is which is a really hard thing to find in people now a days ! Corbin loves making new friends , he will talk to anyone even if he is running a race he still seems to talk and make friends to his opnets while running 😂. He is just the type of guy that is that genuine , kind hearted and loving . If you ever get so lucky enough to have a Corbin in your life don't ever let him go !
Man I hope I never lose my Corbin , he is such an amazing blessing and friend !
by Makayla176 July 26, 2017
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A Corbin is usually is a guy, he is super sweet and usually a bit shy. He is loving, caring, and the most trustworthy person anyone could ever meet. He will always make you smile and chuckle. If you're in a bad mood, he will always come to the rescue with his hugs and chocolate. He can make any bad situation turn better, ( EX: Loosing your purse ; he'll come over to make sugar cookies with you ) He won't give up at anything and will always compliment you. VERY OPTIMISTIC, he likes to shoot nerf guns and sword fight with his friends. The most trustworthy friend a guy/girl could ask for!
Have you seen Corbin today?
He was stopping Madi from crying.
by lemonsenpai69 December 20, 2015
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A man who is sometimes shy, has a deep voice and dark eyes, and also has a extremely Hot girlfriend
Hey look it's Corbin
by Dan wilcokson March 10, 2016
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Corbin is one of the best friends you could ask for! You would never know what you could do without him. A corbin usually has 2 friends, a dumbass funny ass midget and a super fat tall dude (whose pretty handsome himself). A Corbin is pretty good at fortnite. A corbin is usually a og and a real one, when you need him you got him.
Corbin-“Clapping 90s on yo asss!”
by Not a corbin September 19, 2019
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Someone who goes on Urban Dictionary and writes a definition about themselves.
“See guys, says here Corbin means to have a big dick.” “Nah son, you Corbined that shit. We all know”
by Secretly still Corbin November 29, 2021
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A name for a sexually promiscuous man who's penis was used as a model for the Eiffel tower. You may not be able to tell just by looking at him but behind his steel reinforced pants lies a weapon of mass destruction powerful enough to inseminate every female in the world at once--Twice.
bob: Dude I don't know what to do, I've got 4 girls pregnant
Joe: Dude you are such a corbin

Lisa: Im sorry to hear about your loss, how did she die?
Erin: She had sex with a corbin.
by elbeautiful May 17, 2011
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