Politically Correct word for "kill", also see neutralize
"PFC Jenkins! I order you to PACIFY that family of five!"
by Dan February 4, 2005
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A Pacifier is a stress relieving tool used for babies it is a cute design tool used in this way first the rubber part goes in the babies mouth in the plastic part shapes the lips and they suckle on it And as I said before it relieves stress very well thanks for reading
Hey the baby is crying can you hand me the pacifier
by Xiomata December 17, 2019
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A rubber piece attached to a plastic thing that babies suck and chew on.
Ravers also wear them with flashing lights.
Give the baby its pacifier so it shuts up, please.
by Nixxi December 6, 2003
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The act of sneaking your dick into a girls mouth as she is crying like an infant
Jill: I was crying my eyes out and whining, when all of a sudden my boyfriend stuck his dick in my mouth, and wouldn't you know I stopped.

Susan: Oh Jill, you've just received the pacifier!
by Terid Mowern January 20, 2011
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Putting your soft penis in your significant others mouth while soft and they suck on it like a baby’s pacifier until it is erect.
My girl and I wanted to spice it up in the bedroom so I asked to try the pacifier.
by Supersource.com April 24, 2021
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This maneuver requires three steps:

1. One places a single ball in the recipient's mouth.
2. Following in suit, the other is placed in the recipient's mouth, so the two are no longer separated.
3. Finally, one takes the penis in hand and taps the recipient's nose repeatedly.

The desired effect is that he or she remain silent, as it is considered rude to speak with one's mouf full.
"Matt Roberts, if you don't shut up now I'm going to give you a pacifier."
by Private Perkins September 7, 2008
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Noun- A Group composed of 7 members, formed on the beginning of the new year. Said to be one of the most intellectual, complex, sophisticated, cool, and serious groups since the beginning of time. Members of this great group are know as "Pacies", These pacies rival against the group known as the "Peas." Ritual meetings between the two groups are the 2nd, 4th, and 9th saturday of every month, this meeting is called( duhn duhn duh) P^2 night.
Wow those pacifiers are freaking cool.
by /werule January 8, 2011
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