A rubber piece attached to a plastic thing that babies suck and chew on.
Ravers also wear them with flashing lights.
Give the baby its pacifier so it shuts up, please.
by Nixxi December 6, 2003
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A Pacifier is a stress relieving tool used for babies it is a cute design tool used in this way first the rubber part goes in the babies mouth in the plastic part shapes the lips and they suckle on it And as I said before it relieves stress very well thanks for reading
Hey the baby is crying can you hand me the pacifier
by Xiomata December 17, 2019
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pacifiers” : boys you hook up with and in the morning and/or during they are really cute and nice to you. They are cool and good looking and you think its all going great but then it either only either happens once or they cut it off by saying nothing and you’re confused and you want to hate them and want to be like ASSHOLE but you can’t because THEY ARE SO NICE to you and everyone.
kelly: hey has jordan texted you since you slept at his house?

sally: no but he made me breakfast in the morning that night and we talked all last night at the bar ugh such a pacifier
by 50cent123 October 27, 2014
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A man who Pacifies, A sense in which he want Peace and intend to preach it in others mind.
He is so Pacifist,
He likes Pacifism.
by Waheed June 28, 2005
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Another word for the wang or penis.
Bitch be whining so i gave her a little suckle on my pacifier.

Chelsea was feeling restless so i let her have a try at the pacifier.
by Vibration April 2, 2007
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New Zealand rock band formerly known as shihad.
Changed name from shihad to pacifier due to the name sounding too much like jihad (holy war) post 9/11

see Shihad
Man pacifier went off when they played the general electric.
by Karl November 22, 2003
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A very small penis, usually measured in cm's or mm's.
by TheCman September 12, 2012
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