Pick Up Artist. A master in the art picking up babes.
Vinni Cogniti slept with four chicks last night! He is a true PUA.
by Vinni Cognitit March 2, 2005
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PUA is short for pick-up artistry. A live-action role playing game in which geeky guys role-play being "suave sophisticated players".

The rules of the game involve constantly approaching strange women that one meets at bars, clubs, shopping malls, etc and repeating some canned lingo or "pick up line", usually resulting in rejection. While occasionally it does result in the participant getting laid, this is usually the result of trial and error, or simply spending hours every week trolling bars and nightclubs, and rarely if ever the result of the "game itself".

Contrary to belief though, the object of the game isn't even strictly about "getting laid", but rather proving to other players that one is not afraid of rejection. Which why some guys continue to persist in it even after 100s of rejections instead of just finding a hobby where they can meet women natually.
PUA- I spend the last weekend leveling up my nightgame status, but now my daygame is underleveled. I think I'll hit up the shopping mall and approach a few 7/10s today and practice my negs.
by Anon989989 August 28, 2016
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Abbreviation for either Potentially Unwanted Application Classification used by anti-malware software vendors for software which is not purely malicious like a computer virus or worm but performs undesirable activities such as tracking users or activities of questionable benefit, such as speeding up the system by an order of magnitude.

Alternately, might stand for Potentially Unsafe Application, a class of programs which perform legitimate activities in the hands of certain personnel, but can be abuse for malicious activity.
A program I downloaded was a PUA. It had an annoying toolbar in it and changed my browser's web search settings and home page.
by silver123 October 18, 2011
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pedophile united associate.

TYPICALLY called pick up artist. but now most harassing cases targeted on school girls or some women without social experience. Not only stalking but also force to get their contact number. sexually harass the victims on the phone. more further to force them out for dinner or onto bed. threatening the victims that they will post the victims pictures on the internet for public insulting, if they get refused.
Sara: This group of ppl are PUA.

Susan: be careful, once they robbed my phone to dial their number, then give it back to me. So they now got my number and keep calling me out.
by Kazakh Chok July 30, 2018
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PUA is largely misadvertised and marketed as "Pick Up Artist" by internet scammers. In reality PUA really stands for the following more accurate description of harassing girls random girls on public transport, Malls, nightclubs, tourist spots or at work.
PUA- Practicing Unwanted Approaches (the act)
PUA- Probably Undiagnosed Autism (the cause)
PUA- Pakis, Uglies Asians (the audience with the common dominator)
This random creepy guy came up to me and............PUA.
by BaxterAlert April 15, 2017
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An overrated self-help movement started by frustrated 30 year old virgins turned amateur con-men that attempts to systematically change meek nerds into false-confident assholes.
"Why is that guy who usually wears videogame t-shirts and unkempt hygiene suddenly wearing douchey sunglasses indoors with a bad haircut and trying to insult every girl in here?"
"Oh him? He read a PUA book"
by jwatt November 30, 2011
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