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The act of showing a very cynical or chauvinistic attitude about women online to try to look "alpha".

Black knights are often guys who are disillusioned as a result of formerly trying to be white knights just to get women to like them, and are now going in the opposite extreme thinking that women love jerks. Usually however they just come across as posers or internet tough guys.
Example of black knighting:

Guy 1: Last night I brought a bitch home from the club and didn't even buy her a drink, then I kicked her out of the house right after I splooged on her face.

Guy 2: Damn that's so alpha!
by Anon989989 January 27, 2016
A pretentious film, movie, TV, or food critic. Has little to no real knowledge of film criticism, music theory beyond a few blurbs they read on Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB, etc yet gives condescending or trollish advice on internet message boards about how everyone else's taste sucks.

Often associated with hipsters or other "counter-culture" niches who think that dissing anything "mainstream" automatically makes them looks smart or "deeper" than everyone else, but in reality they end up looking more like a self-caricature.

Similar in many ways to the armchair philosopher, armchair comedian, armchair politician, etc. As a result of spending too much time online and having only very stupid people to compare themselves to, they develop a false sense of grandeur in spite of their mediocrity.
Tom acts like he's an expert on movies but in reality he's just an armchair critic.
by Anon989989 January 8, 2016
PUA is short for pick-up artistry. A live-action role playing game in which geeky guys role-play being "suave sophisticated players".

The rules of the game involve constantly approaching strange women that one meets at bars, clubs, shopping malls, etc and repeating some canned lingo or "pick up line", usually resulting in rejection. While occasionally it does result in the participant getting laid, this is usually the result of trial and error, or simply spending hours every week trolling bars and nightclubs, and rarely if ever the result of the "game itself".

Contrary to belief though, the object of the game isn't even strictly about "getting laid", but rather proving to other players that one is not afraid of rejection. Which why some guys continue to persist in it even after 100s of rejections instead of just finding a hobby where they can meet women natually.
PUA- I spend the last weekend leveling up my nightgame status, but now my daygame is underleveled. I think I'll hit up the shopping mall and approach a few 7/10s today and practice my negs.
by Anon989989 August 28, 2016
A term with a somewhat subjective meaning which refers to a man who's considered high in status or a paradigm of masculinity. Originated in 1989 by martial artist instructor Marc "Animal" McYoung.

How it's measured however varies a lot depending on who's using it.

Sometimes it refers to a stereotypical 'macho', gangsta, jock, or tough guy, other times it refers to a ladies man or playboy who has sex with lots of beautiful women, or other times a guy who's wealthy or socially powerful, such as a successful entrepreneur, CEO, etc.

As mentioned above often it's just used to refer to superficial and stereotypically "manly" qualities, other times however it refers to character traits independent from a man's material status, such as strength, courage, mastery, and honor.

A beta man is an average or below average man on the 'alpha' scale; either a guy who's not very socially respected or attractive to women, or one who demonstrates weak or spineless behavior in general, sometimes posers and fake 'alphas' get referred to as betas as well.
Chuck Norris is such an alpha man that he can have sex with any woman OR man he wants... of any species.
by Anon989989 January 29, 2016
A "lowbrow" version of elitism opposite of highbrow elitism, similar to populism.

Reverse elitism is when a person thinks they're better than others who have more wealth, social status, looks than them.

Examples include:

Low income or working class people who think they're more "tough", "manly", "down to earth", "generous", etc than rich yuppies or college educated hipsters because they do hard manual labor instead of sitting at a desk, or work 80 hours a week for low wages and are therefore "holier than thou" hard workers.

The fat acceptance movement has also lead some people to reverse shame "skinny people" calling them anorexic, or believing they look "fake".

In politics you'll see reverse elitism in both the Democratic and Republican party - with the Republican working class believing themselves more genuine or down to earth than liberal Ivy League snobs, and the Democratic working class believing themselves the "real workers" as opposed to those lazy country club corporate fat cats.
Reverse elitism examples:

"College is for sissies - I've been working in the oil field for 5 years and make more money than most university grads".
by Anon989989 December 7, 2015
A kid who's parents were irresponsible and had out of a desire for self-validation rather than a genuine interest in parenting.

Trophy kids are most common in the hood where overweight welfare moms have kid after kid just to validate their sense of self worth, and where deadbeat dads knock women after woman up without supporting their offspring and equate their manhood with the number of chicks they've gotten pregnant.
Negligent parents are known to share picture after picture of their kids on Facebook but loathe the actual responsibilities that come with parenting, because their kids are just trophy kids
by Anon989989 January 29, 2016
Puritanism - Don't say that Beyonce looks hot, that's committing the sin of lust.

Political correctness - Don't say Beyonce looks hot, that's patriarchal objectification of women.
by Anon989989 December 8, 2015