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1) n. The reason hay fever (HV) occurs: the ejaculate of a flower (the pollon) wonders into your nose and tries to grow a tube down your nostril..... (ugh XP)

2) v. the act of: the flower giving you HV (grammatically active form); or you catching HV yourself (passive form).
1) Mum: "You've been sneezing all week and you say you don't have a cold, so what IS the matter?"
You: "Flower Rape, *sniffs*, what else?"

2) "Mikey, it's bad, it's really bad; day in, day out, the flowers won't stop raping me... *dry coughes*." (a. form)

"Sounds like Harry's been flower-raped over the last few days." (p. form)
by Pessi-O December 12, 2004

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Acronym for Pick-Up Artist.
Most respected PUA: David Deangelo. Period.
by Pessi-O November 23, 2005

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