Vinni is the name of a beautiful girl.. who cares about everyone before her own.. she is the one truest and most honest person known. She has a gregarious and loving personality.. she is friendly and talkative and has all the qaulities a person should have. She is loved by everyone around. She never want to hurt anyone and also she sees the good in people.. she is a kind.. mature and perfect girl..❤️❤️❤️
Vinni is like a star in the dark
by Gregarious one January 10, 2021
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(1) To be extremely sexy.

(2) A person who has a huge dick.

(3) Someone insanely good in bed

(4) To be an extremely good boyfriend

(5) A person that is super friendly and everyone loves
Girl: Wow vinny is sexy!

Person 1: Wow that girl looks like she's having a hard time walking
Person 2: She must've had sex with a vinny

Girl 1: So did you have sex with vinny last night
Girl 2: Yes, it was the best sex I'll ever have in my life!

Girl: Wow I wish I had a vinny as a boyfriend

Guy 1: Do you know a vinny?
Guy 2: Yeah vinnny's a cool dude
by kitkatkate May 18, 2013
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The most generous and lovely guy you will ever meet. He will be there for you all the time, he will comfort you in times of need and also whenever he is going out with someone he will know the best way to make them feel happy and loved if you ever meet a Vinnie make sure to keep him around he will always be willing to help and cheer you up if your sad.
girl#1 you are just like a Vinnie
by idk anymore99988 January 16, 2019
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Vinnie is that Guy that everyone wants to be friends with, He is always there for you in a clutch situation. He is also a Hustler and is always on the grind. When he is not out Making money he has even more fun spending it. The word cheap is not in this mans vocabulary and he makes sure everybody has a good time. When he is not out popping Bottles at the Club Hes usually making sure his degenerate friends are not in Jail
Dude I spent so much money last night at the club.
Hell yea dude , you totally pulled a Vinnie
by Vinchenzo89 March 4, 2013
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He’s a fucking sexy fluffy mother fucker, life of a party, if you know a vinnie you call that bitch and you invite him to a party. when he’s not out in the club he’s usually hanging out with his friends, vinnie’s have the warmest heart and are the nicest and funniest guy.
hey you give vinnie a beer you just made a new friend
by Party of a life time November 18, 2020
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1. a young man inspiring others to be just as charming, intelligent, and downright sexy as he is.

2. in addition, Vinny sometimes recieves unwarranted dislike from men and women alike, often from ex-girlfriends and their new male partners.
1. a. Holy shit I wish I could be as awesome as Vinny!

b. Is that Vinny? I heard he was pretty legit.
2. a. I can't believe he messed around with my bestfriend, he's such a Vinny! (Ex-Girlfriend)

b. I wanna meet up with this guy. I heard my girlfriend saying that I could never measure up to Vinny!

Dude, sounds like you have Vinny-envy.
by the vinman August 7, 2009
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A guy with a cock so big that you're actually standing on it right now.
by dj44445555 June 30, 2010
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