The latest installment in the Phantasy Star Series after Phantasy Star Online. This MMORPG is highly addictive and may you hooked for hours. It can be shortened to PSU.
Phantasy Star Universe is the shit man!
by Starmanclock February 1, 2007
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An craptacular "mmo" game. At first glance, its the usual mmo. You fight monsters, level up, etc. But then after a month or two, you'll join the ranks of the PSU regulars. Basically, all they do is sit around on the 4th Floor (name of the game's main lobby), and while sitting there they spam, harass people, scam each other for their items, ocassionally hack each other, and last but not least, engage in online relationships. Oh yes, thats right. Female gamers beware. Every little kid who plays PSU will want to go out with you. Hell, some of the grown men who play it will want to go out with you, regardless of your own age.

Basically, its the shit hold of gaming.
Gamer 1: Hey dude, wanna play some Phantasy Star Universe later tonight? Me and my girlfriend are gonna go to some White Beast S2 runs.

Gamer 2: Hell fucking no. Dude, I play WoW, and even I can talk shit about you for playing PSU. Go find a REAL mmo to play. Shit, Runescape is better than that shit you play. Seriously man, what the fuck?

Gamer 1: You're just jealous because you got scammed on your first day, and all those guys were teabagging you on the 4th Floor.

Gamer 2: Fuck you. At least I'm not married to someone over the internet.
by Omega Hunter 24 April 8, 2009
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