A young attractive woman with a tight vagina that has not been ran through and suitable to be a wife.
"There's nothing in the world like first rate pussy." -President Trump
by Chessesauce92 November 30, 2017
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Jim: Im really horny and I need a girl
John: here. Call this girl, she's a first rate whore
Jim: damn. I gotta call her. She's gotta be great at sex
by Rlboat May 17, 2016
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'james gave me first-rate cunt lapping last night'
by peach_buddies September 12, 2007
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This is from an eikaiwa lesson video of a faux-geisha teaching Japanese women how to talk dirrrty in English. (Eikaiwa means English conversation by the way)

I wonder how many women actually used these lines, and how many befuddled men lost wood after hearing that they’re a first rate cunt lapper in broken English. “Come on Toshi! Come on!”
by Benedicte December 29, 2011
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