An acronym meaning "Porn Star Experience" often used by escorts, providers, and other sex workers in their menus.

PSE is used to imply or specify that a collection of specific acts are available with the given provider, and at a minimum means the acts that you see in a "typical" porn movie.

This is uniquely different from the acronym GFE which means "Girl Friend Experience," as GFE implies a different collection of acts. PSE and GFE may be used together to indicate a wider availability of acts. For instance, GFE includes kissing, while PSE does not, and PSE includes bare sex without a condom, but GFE does not.

The acts covered by PSE include at a minimum:
- Multiple positions, usually at least three, such as missionary, cowgirl, doggy, etc.
- Oral sex without a condom (BBBJ and DATY)
- Vaginal sex without a condom (BBFS) but NOT necessarily to completion (i.e. BBFS with pullout)
- Ejaculation "somewhere" on the woman such as "cum on tits" or "cum on back"

PSE may or may not include the following, and this is very dependent on the individual provider. These acts are usually value-added options requiring additional donation.
- Creampie (ejaculate in the vagina, aka BBFS CIP)
- Anal sex (aka Greek)
- Video or photos during session.
- Role play (pizza delivery guy, plumber, apartment manager demanding rent)
- GFE services (girlfriend, such as kissing, massage, etc)
"Hi baby, my PSE is $100 more"

"You'll love my PSE — I'll be your personal pornstar!"
by Andy Somers March 4, 2022
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Pornstar experience. This is an escorting term and refers to sex similar to what you’d see in porn.

This could mean deep throating, role playing, or crazy positions. It does NOT mean sex without a condom.
I saw this escort last night. She was so wild! Deffo a true PSE girl.
by 420bitch96 July 18, 2018
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pre stool emissions
you need to go crap, that wasnt a fart, that was PSE
by forwardline August 15, 2011
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She was an escort offering a PSE! She was incredibly dressed up, her hair, her shoes, clothes, her sexy look, the experience was just like with a porn star.
by Woltan March 19, 2022
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What's referred to in the industry as a "Pants Shitting Event."
After viewing the Monty Python program, Anthony experienced a PSE.
by fresco25 November 21, 2008
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short for puppy sized elephant.
made popular by john and hank green on youtube, better known as the vlogbrothers.
would you rather have a elephant sized puppy or a puppy sized elephant?
pshhh obv a pse!
by nerdfighterz July 15, 2008
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