short for puppy sized elephant.
made popular by john and hank green on youtube, better known as the vlogbrothers.
would you rather have a elephant sized puppy or a puppy sized elephant?
pshhh obv a pse!
by nerdfighterz July 15, 2008
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Pornstar experience. This is an escorting term and refers to sex similar to what you’d see in porn.

This could mean deep throating, role playing, or crazy positions. It does NOT mean sex without a condom.
I saw this escort last night. She was so wild! Deffo a true PSE girl.
by 420bitch96 July 17, 2018
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pre stool emissions
you need to go crap, that wasnt a fart, that was PSE
by forwardline August 14, 2011
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What's referred to in the industry as a "Pants Shitting Event."
After viewing the Monty Python program, Anthony experienced a PSE.
by fresco25 November 20, 2008
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The overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and happiness after dropping an enormous deuce. Similar to the itis, renders the person useless for the next 30 minutes as he basks in the glory of his deed.
After a long battle with constipation, I finally took a shit. The PSE (post shit euphoria) that followed left me on laying on the couch enjoying the euphoria.
by MasterShit January 28, 2012
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