PRA is when a driver of a Land Rover sees another Land Rover parked and parks next to it, takes a photo, posts it to Facebook, and titles it "PRA".

Basically meaning "parking rules applied". It is common inside of the Land Rover facebook communities and some Land Rover forums.
"I PRA'd a Disco 2 and the guy asked me what the largest tire he could fit with no lift"

"I PRA'd a really nice Range Rover Sport today, it had those 33s I like on it"

"Some guy PRA'd my truck today and offered me tree-fiddy for my rack.."
by Jake "Tree-Fiddy" Bemerage October 7, 2018
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Preston Republican Army, a highly organised gang style operated movement also known as the PRA. The group based in Preston, Lancashire has a fearful reputation in the North West and in the City of Preston for carrying out violent attacks and criminal acivity. The group are known to be an all Roman Catholic firm who recruit people from a age as young as 16. The PRA are known to carry weapons and are stated by Lancashire Police as a high liability. (so in other words dont fuck with these guys or else u'll find yourself waking up out of a boot of a car surrounded by Prestonians with masks and machetes). The PRA are also involved in organising football violence and were founded to basically protect Preston and keep its pride----PP
Any issues in Preston which prestonians dont like will probably be sorted in a way e.g blackpool fans being kidnapped in the city centre last year by the PRA
by Tyrone Lockstaffe September 17, 2007
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PRA stands for “parking rules applied
Land Rover owner to friends: check out this lifted discovery 2 I just parked next to, in my discovery 2! PRA!
by Sc400 June 11, 2018
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From the word proper.

Pra-Pra can be used to address anything of top quality, appearance and presentation.
Synonyms include: Bling Bling, dapper, perfect, Top-notch.
The slang is of Nigerian origin and was popularized by Shaku-Shaku music/culture.
You’re Looking very pra-pra, Hannah’s boyfriend is always looking pra-pra, OSHA pra-pra!
by Hector01 May 15, 2018
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(adjective) a variant of pro; describes something that requires extreme skill

esp. applied to Halo, though it may be used for any competitive activity
That ricochet headshot was so pra.
by tiger15 March 23, 2009
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Pra is the new hot and hot is the new cool.
Oh my gosh, your handbag is so pra!
by Ginger November 7, 2004
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Neff curls up on the hard floor, drunk and ready for sleep

Jon: Hey Neff, don't you want a blanket?

Neff: I don't need no blanket! I'm punk rock as shit!

by GrizLee May 1, 2008
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