Occupational Safety & Health Adminstration. Pronounced 'Oh-Sha'
If you work any blue collar type job, they are both your best friend, and your worst enemy. They are the ones who make sure employers don't let your arms get torn off by machinery, but also the same ones that don't allow you to even have a bottle of water when you're working a 10 hour day in the middle of July in the body shop.
They make sense alot of times, but more often than not, they are mega-safety nazis.
If everybody was competent and not retarded, we would have no need for OSHA.
--OH MY GOD don't stand there! You are within 36 inches of an electrical switchbox, if OSHA sees, they are going to rip down your tightie wighties and insert a sign post 18 inches up your ass!
by Los Loco Gringo September 7, 2008
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Occupational Safety and Health Administration, A Federal agency under the Department of Labor that publishes and enforces safety and health regulations for most businesses and industries in the United States.
OSHA regulations should be observed at all times at the worksite.
by m0ceN August 22, 2005
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Bob fell off the ladder at work, it was definitely an OSHA moment.
by DDDrummer September 2, 2020
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A simple way to say "Oh Shit Hot Asians!"
OSHA does not need and example
by exorcist23 May 21, 2009
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oshae-the biggest playboy and gets all the ass and has been in lots of 3 somnes
that man is an oshae
by oshae April 1, 2009
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Quinn: Dude, the girls at Rich's were so horny. I fingered like three girls!
Greer: I'm pretty sure that never happened.
Quinn: Well they still had their panties on, so I gave them the osha.
by chocolatechocolatesmalls March 22, 2008
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