Stands for Prove People Wrong.

"Not good enough. Not fast enough. Not smart enough. Too old, too slow, just not ready." - Skeptics and doubt are everywhere you look. It doesn't matter what other people say, it's about what YOU believe. Prove People Wrong isn't just a brand. It's a way to live life. #PPW
Everyone is doubting my ability, time to PPW and show everyone what I'm made of.
by Ryan McGillacutty July 15, 2013
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A picture on facebook or any other scocial networking site that is worthy of being someones profile picture- noun

Profile Picture Worthy
OMG Stacy thats soooo PPW.
Dude no homo, but that one with your shirt off is PPW.
Brit u can like see the carbs she ate that is so not PPW.
by boys, vans and tans October 7, 2011
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"Girls like Jen are good for one thing, PPWs, God knows we need 'em."
by JFrat August 23, 2003
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More commonly known as Perfect Pampered Whiteboy Syndrome.
Is the typical rich whiteboy, whom has had everything on a golden platter. Money is the way he got through High School, and College. Through some intensive bribing. Usually drove a Porsche to High School, was Quarterback, and had the hottest girls in school, generally tall, blonde, big breasted, 5'9" Captain Cheerleader.
Guy 1: "Hey dude check out check out Summer Wheatly!"

Guy 2: "Don't even bother, she likes boys with PPWS."

Guy 3: "Eet's troo, she deedn't even accept the cake I build for her."
by Peeekachoo January 4, 2010
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Price Per Wear. Justifying an outrageous fashion purchase by dividing price tag by estimated future wears.
Ok, so I KNOW I just got laid off, but this Chloé bag's only $2300! Imean, the PPW is only around $7.00-basically free.
by Emanuelle Pistachio September 12, 2020
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