PPT stands for 'Power Point Tenshi'.

Used to describe the Japanese V-tuber Amane Kanata because she used Power Point in her debut.
Chat: PPT is at it again...
Kanata: I am BOING BOING!
by Rrrichikuuu February 28, 2021
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Precious Pussy Time

You have plans to chill with your friends but you have to cancel because a chick is only available to fuck within a short window of time. In most cases, it's the last 12-24 hours that a chick is in town. Outside of PPT, friends should be ridiculed for not understanding that pussy will be there.
He couldn't show because his girl is leaving town later tonight; he needs to take advantage of PPT.

This hot chick visiting on vacation departs at 9pm, I need to take advantage of PPT, so I'm skipping out on happy hour.

Dude, it's your girlfriend, you're not missing out on PPT because you're out. You're a bitch ass. Pussy will be there tonight or tomorrow.
by Heiggins March 17, 2010
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Plunge Protection Team - Stealthy members of the President's Advisory Group, who are responsible for ensuring that, by any measures possible, the U.S. Stock Markets do not "plunge" to frightening depths.
The PPT had the Treasury Department secretly purchased baskets of stocks of companies in the S&P 500 Index to avert a panic, as the market started to precipitously fall today.
by Shorty McSeller December 11, 2008
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Microsoft P-ower P-oin-T - useful tool for school projects.
Random dude, "Hey! Wasn't that Honors Spanish PPT due tomorrow?"
Ladholyman, "Yah you better get cracking on it!"
by Ladholyman May 16, 2005
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Short for P-reci-P-i-T-ate, most often used in chemistry classes that we all love.
Random dude, "Hey, I wonder what will happen if I mix this fine solution of Barium Hydroxide with Sodium Sulfate?"
Ladholyman, "Duh! Barium Sulfate will PPT!"
by Ladholyman May 16, 2005
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The greatest Forums on the 'Net, originally based on neopets.
I spent the weekend constantly refreshing to see if PPT was back up.
by Nani September 1, 2004
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Personal Play Time, aka Masturbation, touching yourself, jacking off, jilling off (for girls), etc.
When I get home I'm going to have some PPT on my bed and get rid of my boner and relieve some stress.
by Mr. Miata June 3, 2009
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