A group of about 15 different socially awkward people, and the teacher that nags you all year, that you are forced to be with for the entire first week of school, and twice a week for the rest of the year.
Student: Can I be moved into an advisory with people and a teacher that I actually know and like?

Whoever: No, that is forbidden, you'll just have to suffer.

Student: I guess that's Metro High School for ya.
by Metro Hater June 6, 2009
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Advertising ploy aimed at children and young adults
We should put a parental advisory on our crummy album so it will sell
by LilSexy April 6, 2004
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A logo added cover artwork that warns kids not to listen to this music with their parents.
Dude, don't play that! It has a parental advisory logo on it and your parents are in the next room.
by AnnDee4444 February 4, 2010
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A censorship sticker, very much like the Seal of Approval that comic books were made to have well into the 70's. It warns parents of possible material that may be considered obcene without any specific details about what is objectionable.
Perpetrated by a censorship lobby consisting of upper middle class conservative white women, such as Tipper Gor, who felt it necessary to police the music industry for messages that were politically or socially inconsistent with their own. This label dampens sales which in turn hampers musical, lyrical, or artistically creativite material.
At its inception the parental advisory sticker targeted mainly such musicians as Frank Zappa but today the target is hip-hop and rappers along with video game creators
My mom didnt let me but the CD because it had a parental advisory sticker, which she said had it like that because it talked about raping women. But later when I listed to it it just was criticizing American and the LAPD.
by Madamasselle December 17, 2003
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Don't show this to your parents
Yeah, all of the songs on the new Drake album are Explicit so it has the Parental Advisory sticker; which means I will not show this to my parents.
by hotdad October 14, 2015
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a sticker that kids think is so cool to have on their albums. (just listen to music you smacktards!)
in a smacktards mind:

this album sucks so bad, but hey im so cool because i listen to music with swears!!! lol wankar!
by pikkamunununu July 12, 2004
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An elite group of students that meet every morning at St. Paul Academy and Summit school. They run the majority of the school under the table. Their ranks include the infamous Tuaner, The Hustle Wagon, and benevolent dictator Mollie Ward. Bottem line: they get it in.
The Ward Advisory runs shit around here.
by DOMINATOR AF February 16, 2012
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