Hey Monique, do you wanna go out with us tonight? Nah girl I'll be too busy jilling off to some porno.
by tender_roni September 17, 2016
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Female manual masturbation, fingering the clitoris or vagina.
Males jack off, and females jill off.
by tryer January 28, 2003
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Masturbate if one is a woman, the female form of jacking off
by Anonymous April 10, 2003
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Masturbating (female): backformed from "jack off"
This dyke loves to watch girls jilling off for real, not faking it on stupid breeder porn.
by Sikozu Sta.-Ána September 4, 2003
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Jilling-off is a slang term for female masturbation. Jilling-off is the female equivalent of a male jacking-off.
I learned to start knocking after I walked in on my roommate, violently jilling-off with her vibrator.
by Melancholy Babydoll September 14, 2016
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jacked off is a term for guys so 'jilled off' is a term for girls like jack and jill
"When's the last time you jacked off or jilled off to one of our other fine tube sites?" - p*rnhub
by sociospatial September 17, 2013
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