Jilling-off is a slang term for female masturbation. Jilling-off is the female equivalent of a male jacking-off.
I learned to start knocking after I walked in on my roommate, violently jilling-off with her vibrator.
by Melancholy Babydoll September 14, 2016
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Jack and Jill, went up the hill etc.
as jacking off is a male masturbating,
jilling off is the process of a female masturbating
linda was alone in her bed, when she started thinking about the attractive guy in her class, she then began jilling off!
by A7 June 29, 2007
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if guys jack off, then gals jill off.
not to be out done by the boys, the tom girl jilled-off faster then had ever been see before
by master Pe July 07, 2003
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