Pee pee poopy pants. When someone is in an extra crabby mood.
The leaves lost today so Tim is extra PPPP right now.
by h0ckey39 January 16, 2022
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PPPP. Is the Priest a Poof, or, is the Poof a Priest?
I only met him five minutes ago, that's when PPPP struck me. I don't know whether he's a Poof and/or a Priest!
by FABARM November 17, 2018
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The written sound of sticking your tongue out and blowing (commonly referred to as a 'raspberry'). Used on Instant Messager or via text in response to dissatisfying news or statements.
boy: send me some naked pics
girl: I can't take any, my family is over
boy: pppp
by tangerinesink June 17, 2009
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john : pppp
sam: :0
by Peppermint334 December 18, 2020
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