Abbreviation for "Parent Over Shoulder."

Most commonly found in chat rooms filled with young children whose parents know that Chris Hansen won't be there to save them when an older gentleman arrives at their home with a to-go bag from Wendy's.
So, want to masturbate via webcam like we did yesterday? We can discuss those late night fantasies about John Stamos you've been having.

Dude!! POS!!!
by The carnivorous vegetarian September 20, 2010
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P.O.S. or POS ~ A more subtle way of calling someone a "piece of shit". A more succinct way to call someone a "piece of shit", even though it has just as many syllables.
"Wow, that customer was a P.O.S."
"Stop being such a POS!"
by squirple November 26, 2018
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John : You know that girl who plays with guys' heart?

Mike : Yeah, She's a POS
by Its Mw June 20, 2019
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