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People who were born on this day are literally THE BEST PEOPLE in the world. Like they are perfect. Good looks, intelligence, physical superiority. The total package. There’s simply no denying it. If you meet someone born on this day, consider yourself lucky, because they will rock your world my friend. You haven’t known HAPPINESS unless you’ve met someone born on April 18th! You better watch out though, sometimes they are just so amazing that people within their vicinity can catch a bad case of jealousy. You don’t want that to happen. So word of advice: just accept the fact that they are better than you and you’ll be fine. Hip hip hooray.
“Yo see that girl over there? How is she so perfect? I’ve never met anyone like her before!”

“Bro didn’t you know? She was born on April 18!”

Oh damn that makes sense! She’s literally a goddess
by IB History November 3, 2019
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Oh did u know that today was April 18 OFFICIAL BAD BITCH DAY
by AriesSzn♈ October 16, 2019
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Cute girls with issues were born on this day.
April 18 is a bad but good day to be born
by Stanky, fishy December 7, 2019
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National bad bitch day Aries hoe dumb bitch April 18 is better than any other date
by Idc and idk October 25, 2019
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It is a day a miracle was born . And celebrating life of someone who is special in there own way . Nobody is perfect but u are to your love ones ❤️
April 18 a miracle was born
by April 18 December 15, 2019
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April 18 is national grab dick, ass , or boobs day
April 18 , “I grabbed ya butt ,and I grab ya dick “ 😂
by Thicc bih 🥰 April 17, 2019
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Push your friend into her crush
Her:omg he coming I’m glad it april 18
Friend:Pushes her into him/her
by Stann.szaa March 26, 2022
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