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A millennium version of what was once known as a pansy. Sanjayas are “men” who have very obviously received an uncomfortable amount of love from his mommy and sisters. Too feminine to be heterosexual, not stylish enough to be metrosexual and not flamboyant to be homosexual, Sanjayas are has confused as the rest of us are about which vine they swing on. Hints to ones Sanjayality:

1. You go to a salon instead of a barber
2. You openly admit to feminine acts such as, hula-hooping, eyebrow plucking and a love of Disney movies
3. You aspire to be on magazine covers such as Teen or Tiger Beat
4. 12 year old girls (and younger) have abandon their Backstreet Boys fan club to start one for you.

Inspired from the 17 year-old American Idol contestant
I'm not sure if he's seeing anyone, he's a little Sanjaya to me.
by the dictionairess March 26, 2007
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Code word for "gay" if you don't want anyone to find out because you have to be politically correct.
A: Omg that guy's so gay!

B: What!

A: Dah...I mean that guy's so sanjaya!
by Buoy May 12, 2008
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(v) to completely ruin something

The term comes from Sanjaya Malakar, the contestant on American Idol season 6 who consistently does bad performances with terrible hair.
example: He sanjayad that that (test, hairdo, song, anything)
by Breaf April 01, 2007
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A 17-year-old, soft-hearted boy who underwent much criticism and stereotyping during his participation on American Idol.
Sanjaya is my husband. Here are our kids :D :D :D :D :D

They have their daddy's smile.
by Nikkkkkiiiii May 14, 2007
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the only possible way to rig american idol... a scheme that the people from india have been planning since he started.
american idol is lame. vote for sanjaya.
by funnyperson April 11, 2007
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