Look up the poor girl hair and review. Once done read the following.

A poor girl is grease with a hint of salt , a disgusting hell spawn enjoys airwalk shoes and wears Costco glasses. wears a past down Walmart flannel. A poor girl usually looks smart but is truly stupid, talks quitely and acts like a bitch but doesn’t have the status to do so. Very try hard in sports because that is her only chance in life. Her parents are nice but poor asf. Very outdated style. She wears man shoes and looks like a man.
Hey bill that poor girl over there is lookin hella trash
by WazzyJ March 7, 2018
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Hair that is tied back in a ponytail, hardened against the head and gelled or hairsprayed.

May look dirty, is wet and slicked back on the head as tight as can be so the wearer looks like her face is being pushed back and emphasizing her less than attractive features.

Done by girls who dont have much money or dont know what else to do with their hair.

The hair will usually be short and spackled onto the skull and held in a ponytail.

Hair is usually accompanied by ratty looking clothes that look like they are going to fall apart at any minute, poor fabric.
look at that poor girl hair on that chick who looks like a bird.
by hoodrat38993 June 25, 2010
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A condition exhibited in low-income caucasian teenage females in which the subject's forehead appears full, puffy, and covered in cheap makeup.
I left swiped that chick because of her unattractive poor girl forehead
by IOFT March 6, 2015
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The canopy is made of the dust ruffle with the flat middle fabric cut off; then it's thumbtacked to the ceiling, creating the look of a canopy bed!
I have a poor girl's canopy bed & I really love it! It makes me feel like a Princess!
by Starchylde May 22, 2016
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A upper-middle class or upper-class teenage girl, who despite her advantage in wealth, manages to flunk out of school and fail several attempts at drug rehab. Usually caused by hippie parents who can't discipline their kids.
My stepsisters were poor little rich girls. One of them is doing ok, but the other wants to be some sort of hippie earth-dirt child.
by Downvoting Victim November 10, 2009
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