The act of positioning your pubic hair so that it sticks out the top of your pants or shorts like the top of a tree
ie canopy
Bill impressed all the ladies as he walked around school with a nice bushy canopy sticking out or his pants
by Alex Born February 23, 2008
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a slut who sucks money out of guys dicks. a miracle worker who produces dollar bills from a mans penis, although she is not a prostitute, she is a self professed "student". one who sucks money from dicks and causes men to suffer.
example: my hubby got a canopy maneuver. she made money fly out of his penis, and i cant seem to make that work. i think canopy broke it, or made it broke, see definition of bankrupt cock.
by love inamyst May 31, 2008
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A place Melbournians go on a Friday night to have their ears fucked by the filthiest sounds in Melbourne.
by MinimalMelbourne September 3, 2015
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The sexual position in which a man gets aroused with sweatpants on, thus looking like a canopy, and then fucks a woman for 3 aggonizing seconds with those sweatpants still covering his penis.
Canopy Flashfucking is a weird way of saying "i'm too lazy for sex"
by Blankerson September 13, 2011
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Term referring to a soldier in the U.S. Army who wears the Special Forces, Ranger, and Airborne tabs on their left shoulder.
Only the biggest studs in the army bear the triple canopy.
by tangalizinghue32 February 10, 2008
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Canopy ass happens when your ass hair grows so long that it locks together causing you to not be able to take a shit
That girl has such a bad case of canopy ass that she needs to shave her ass with a weed wacker to clear it up.
by BuckNaked81 September 28, 2009
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1. A slang term referring to an enlarged foreskin that can be used to protect things from the sun.

2. An alternate name for a banana hammock (literally a canopy for the dick), or any covering for the penis.

3. A derogatory term for someone who sucks so much dick that they act like a canopy, when this person finally comes back up for air the penis has a tan line.
1. Jill: "Did you see the dick canopy on that guy?"
Jane: "Yeah it could fix the hole in the ozone layer."

2. "Eww, that guys dick canopy makes his junk look like a fruit bowl."

3. TOB: "Man that chicks a fucking dick canopy."
Mat: "Yeah, shes a real jizz lizard."
by Thomas O'Brien (TOB) April 11, 2008
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