Justin: What Moe did to that kid in AVA got me PIMPL.
Sushi: Yea the way he knifed him in that back was mad funny.
by Chubbyboyf June 6, 2011
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Peeing In My Pants Laughing is a common element of internet slang first introduced by Bob Staake, an American illustrator, on January 11, 2011 (1/11/11). The initialism was conceived and created in response to LOL, ROFL, LMAO, etc -- all acronyms that were either lame, nauseatingly cute, or just plain stupid.
I was PIMPL when I read your Facebook post!
by Art Cafe January 12, 2011
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A pus-filled legion on one's body, due to buildup of dirt and bacteria in the pore.
by wendy lane May 23, 2003
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n. A baby pimp; one who has not graduated from pimp school.
Sean, the strapping young pimpling, had a cane and hat.
by Kattttttttt February 10, 2009
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Misconceptions about acne:
There are many myths about what causes acne. Greasy foods and chocolate are often blamed, but foods have little effect on the development and course of acne in people. Another common misconception is that dirty skin causes acne; however, blackheads and other acne lesions are not caused by dirt. Stress does not directly cause acne either. It is true, though, that anger and stress affect hormone levels and thus bodily oil production, which can cause acne. People of all ages and races can get acne. It is most common in adolescents and some young adults. 85% of people between the ages of 12 and 24 develop acne. For most people, acne tends to go away around the time they reach their thirties; however, some people in their forties and fifties continue to have this skin problem.

To see the effects of HORMONES on the skin, just look at a very large weightlifter/bodybuilder. If they have a lot of pimples on their back or arms or shoulders or even some on their face and they are in their late 20s or 30s or older, the cause of this is NOT puberty; but excess Testosterone which is proof that acne is directly related to hormone balance or imbalance. Women will sometimes get acne around the time of their menstrual cycle...a time of hormonal changes. You will likely notice that young pubescent males get far worse acne than girls. This likely shows that Testosterone is the KEY cause of this malady. Women have testosterone in their systems as well.

Bodybuilder: "Shit, I have a pimple."
Trainer: "A pimple...try another dozen dude....How much Testosterone Enanthate are you injecting a day?"
Bodybuilder: "1000mg a week guy....why?"
Trainer: "You are wasting your money; You only need 400mg and you are taking away from your impressive physique because you look like an acne cream 'before-shot' ad photo!?
by psiscott April 21, 2006
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Ah!!!!!!!!!!! A pimple!!
by uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh February 19, 2007
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