A really, really comfortable dress you can wear almost anywhere.
That's a really cute sundress.
by emmilykitty May 23, 2008
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A one piece dress with a to-the-knee or lower hemline, usually worn by clingy, slutty, chunky-looking women during the summer, often accented by clogs, flip-flops, and the absence of panties...
She's a real slut in that SUNDRESS...
by Graffilthier May 19, 2008
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The feeling you get when you realize it is sunday and you have to go back to school, work, etc. tomorrow.
dude i was having such a good weekend and before i knew it i got a bad case of sundression at about 5pm and couldnt do anything the rest of the night.
by exit triks January 31, 2008
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Basically the hot girl summer for girls in a relationship.

Goal is to get railed in as many places as possible in a sundress.
“Did you hear Miranda did the sundress challenge with Brad yesterday?”

“Yeah they did it in 2 different bathrooms and in an alley!”
by Don't know me, don't care April 27, 2021
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The hot girl summer parody for people with a significant other, to see how many places you can have sex in a sun dress
“Hey babe, let’s go do the sundress challenge”
by Thewrightguy9 April 26, 2021
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When a girl shows up wearing a sundress and it makes you want to sing.
by mtt721 February 6, 2009
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The first day that the weather warms up, when suddenly women appear everywhere in light, revealing, summer dresses. Usually in early Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. A day greatly anticipated by people who wear dresses and those who gawk at them.
Damn, better wear my loose trousers - according to those girls in the quad, it's Sundress Day.
by marriedtopotatoes March 19, 2007
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