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The best and funniest person in the world, she has great taste in movies, music, and anything you can think off. Overall best person to be friends with!
Did you see that vanessa? she was acting pretty jadzia today!
by your mumisthebest September 25, 2010
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The most amazinq qirlfriend in the universe ; she knows how to make me smile ; an amazinq kisser ; and i wouldnt trade anythinq in the world for her. She's an amazinq person and i would do anythinq to make her happy; shes my everythinq :
Amber loves Jadzia (12|O1|O8 <3
by Amberboo December 05, 2008
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Jadzia is a young, beautiful girl, she’s got a great face, great hair, a sexy ass, and nice titties. She will make you love her, regardless whether you should be her mortal enemy, or her ex. She has a capacity to give guys a boner, and will bloody well give you a rub if you convince her.
Look at that ass! ‘Yeah that’s Jadzia ain’t she sexy?’
by Handydandyhankypanky October 07, 2018
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The best and funniest person ever. Her writing skills are on the top of the mount everest. She likes to tourte me and making me uncomfortable in public but my organs are happy because of her. (Not my lungs tho, most of the time they just want to die) Jokes aside she always wants to suck sebastian stan’s dick but I can’t blame her cus yeah same. Dream big they said.
ann: omg i saw a hot boy today and pulled a jadzia on him
by bdebxcky August 31, 2018
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