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Dylin is a very gorgeous girl. She is everyone's best friend, and she is the best person to go to with advice. All the guys like her. She's great in bed and is best at giving blowjobs.
Person 1: "I just met the coolest girl in the world!"
Person 2: "I bet its Dylin!"
by lkjhgfdsqwertyhsdertyhbvc April 04, 2011
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Dylin is a negative guy who is hated by lots and bound to be lonely he has been through a lot of shit and will bury his emotions and will help his friends or anyone out if it has to deal with emotions but mainly when he's home and has been in relationships that haven't worked out and he was abused and has considered suicide but hasn't gone through with it Dylin is a word smith and is intelligent and digs deep into things. (This was written by a Dylin.)
"Dylin is helpful."
"I think Dylin is an ugly prick."
by Thehumanarceus September 27, 2017
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A dickhead with a lil Linus and will never have a life
Dylin in a guy to not have
by F150.f2 August 11, 2017
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