'Pokey Downey Thing'. Anything used to poke the end of a joint to compact it more, like keys or a stick.
"Anyone got a PDT? Almost done rolling."
by InfiniteMonkeys January 24, 2015
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Function: abbreviation
Pacific daylight time
The World of Warcraft Stress Test servers will be offline for maintenance starting at 11:40 pm PDT today.
by Bubba September 7, 2004
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Perfect Drinking Temperature

The optimum temperature or in some cases, range of temperatures at which a tea is best consumed.
Hot enough to warm the mind, body and soul, yet not too hot to scald the tongue and spoil the taste of accompanying biscuits.
PDT is very personal, the actual temperature will vary from person to person.

Warning: Once tea hits PDT, you usually have less than three minutes to consume before tea hits a suboptimal temperature. This of course depends on the drinking vessel used.

Cornelius: Hey Reginald, why do you have a thermometer and an air conditioning unit in your tea cup?
Reginald: Gotta get that shit down to PDT bro.
by MackaySt4Life September 28, 2012
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Pokey Downey Thingy, the middle of a clipper.
by Moo March 29, 2003
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Pokey downy thingy, usually used to poke hash down a pipe.
OI wanker! pass the the PDT for the pipe
by Billy elliot July 29, 2004
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pushey downey thing
when making a joint and you need to push down the tobacco etc to make more room
have you got some keys? i need PDT....
by mischief_maker April 18, 2004
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Pacific daylight time also possibly the funniest thing about World of Warcraft performing maintenance two hours before their server time to screw with everyone.
Dude 1 "This shit said they'd give up an update at 11:00 and it's 12!"
Dude 2 "Yeah it definitely says PDT so find a new hobby"
by DrÒ`man April 28, 2009
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