Party Dumb Ass (Pronounced like pita)

This is a person who, at a party, will be belligerently drunk, high, etc. This person will cause problems at a party, particularly party fouls (spilling things, knocking things over, etc). PDAs generally always make asses of themselves as parties; this is what they are known for. Many FYPs are PDAs.

Coined by Mista UNGA!! and Andrew S.P.
A PDA is somebody who is being belligerent, disruptive, an ass, etc., but is too inebriated to rectify the situation.
by Mista UNGA!! January 14, 2006
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public display of athleticism. when you use an athletic move in public.
Someone throws a football at you without you knowing and you react and catch the ball. Thats PDA
by curt gubbe October 10, 2007
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Professional dumb ass-someone who is so dumb that it doesn't make any sense.
Man that guy is such a PDA,why is he screaming at a stop sign?
by gab22 December 07, 2016
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Prop Dat Ass - When doing it doggy style, you give your girl a pillow or two so she can prop her ass in the air.
Here's a pillow for you so you can PDA.
by McBools September 12, 2011
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Most commonly known as public display of affection these days. Includes kissing or touching and anything else to to do with love-oriented gestures in public.
"Sheesh, enough with the PDA! Go rent a room, you guys!"
by Fahrenzero September 16, 2013
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PDA stands for 'Public Display of Affection'. This usually occurs within new or young couples, and includes publicly kissing, holding hands, and flirting. Some cases of PDA are worse than others, as some couples may give each other a peck, while some carelessly make out in public.
Did you see Jenna and Ashton kissing at the football game the other day? Those two show too much damn PDA.
via giphy
by blohssom October 06, 2017
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