A hand-held electronic device used by yuppie twits to draw attention and admiration to themselves at meetings. Although the device does little more than a notebook and pen, yuppies and soccer moms are very impressed by them.
Scrodney was the center of attention with her new PDA. All the yuppies were very excited about it, and Scrodney scored many points.
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 26, 2005
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Mathew and Beverlei constantly do PDA's in the library for hours while i'm trying to study next to them
by Bekz November 03, 2008
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buy the domain for your cat blog
Parents Against Dyslexia: A British support organisation for parents of children afflicted by this distressing learning difficulty.
Welcome to the 25th Annual Meeting of PDA: Parents Against Dyslexia.
by mikeybizzle August 23, 2007
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An electronic device that aids in keeping technologically savvy individuals artificially busy.
Jim found his PDA to be very helpful in organising his daily tasks.
by mr_steez October 16, 2005
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Commonly thought to stand for "public displays of affection" the true meaning of PDA is actually Public Double Anal, which of course is when two dicks are crammed either side by side or one on top of the other into a womans anus.
My girlfriend is a big fan of PDA, but it makes her walk funny for 3 days afterwards.
by Freekintheroom December 23, 2012
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Pretty Damn Awesome.

When somebody does something awesome. Could work parallel to other forms of PDA, such as Public Displays of Athleticism.
When you witness somebody throw a football without that person knowing it and catch it.

You say "WOW! that was PDA"
by Uh leesh uh April 18, 2008
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