To get played by someone. Played dat ass.
Yo john just got played by Kristi.
Aye did you see how Carla just blasted Craig about his dick being so little. Yeah she just pda.
by jasmineg555 May 15, 2011
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PDA stands for pussy dip arousal. When you place a tiny cup in your partners vagina and fill it with dip. Then you eat it with chips over s candle lit dinner. It causes a rush of excitement plus the pleasure of eating snacks :)
My dude.. last night Robby and I tried PDA and now I have a yeast infection.
by Deenthepeen February 11, 2018
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PDA is when couples are like freaking magnets. Public display of affection like kissing and more kissing. Like high school kids who make out in front of everyone and you’re lik awn cute he’s licking her face. First your like ah that’s so cute and bam THEY ARE NOT CONNECT AND VERY VERY TOUCHY
Example : two kids Vil and Elau always make out in front of us in the lockers they are very PDA.
by Honeybeesparkles November 07, 2018
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Any public display of affection, seen by onlookers.* This can be from one person to another, or towards: food, an animal, a piece of art, a window display, the sky, etc. It is an act of clear affection towards something. This can be judged through physical affection, sound effects, facial expressions, language, etc.

*If emoji's were physical objects, there would be hearts floating around the subjects head.
"Look at that PDA going on over there"

"We should give that restaurant some PDA on insta, that place was so good!"
by PDA Designs February 21, 2019
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Patent Ductus Arteriosus. When you have a valve above the heart that doesn't close fully, letting blood into he lungs that should not be there. Causes shortness of breath, burning side pain.
Girl: Did you know that I have a PDA?
Boy: Public display of affection?
Girl: No silly, a patent ductus arteriosus.
by Weirdness03 March 27, 2019
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guys i was gessing on my math test and it was PDA

yesturday my mom and dad were told no PDA in the lobby...gross
by classic_white_girl November 29, 2015
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