Mediated- to take marijuana, to get high.

Some people refer to marijuana or weed, as their medicine, as it has been proven to have anti cancer cell propertys

Wiz khalifa has a song called medicated, which like alot of his music is about smoking weed
Wiz khalifa- "lets get mediated "

(lets smoke weed and get high)
by zZziggYy October 4, 2015
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a liaison between the living and the dead; can usually see, speak, and touch the non-living
"She can see and speak to the dead. She's a mediator."
by Blair Waldorf March 30, 2006
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A collective term that includes use of all types of media, especially when using multiples all at once.
She's quite the mediatator--- smart phone, laptop, i pod, breast pump, tablet, all charging up in one of those battery charger backpacks.....l

Why meditate,when you can mediatate ??
by lowlife pootch May 1, 2012
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A fake event that you use to blow off your friends when they want to day drink.
Jon is in mediation so he can't join us.
by womenslegalrebellion December 11, 2017
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Difference between Form and Content

All Mediations are a variation of their singular original cause - the difference between Immediate Sense Data (the Singular) and Universals (the necessary unity of the contingency of the Singular and the necessity of the Particular)
“Mediation is the irreducible essence of all Relations."
by endomorphosis January 9, 2021
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Faster than instantly, sooner than immediately.
When I found out what a misogynist he was I dropped him insta-mediately!
by Redtailhawk September 18, 2009
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Someone who works within the realm of social media and also mediates through their work.
Javier is a Social Mediator. You see that status update from Green Day urging you to watch their video? Well, Javier works for Green Day and he socially mediated that from them to you.
by Prudence Bell November 8, 2010
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