PA is currently the #1 rated prep school in the world. Its academics, art and music programs, and athletic teams, rival those of most universities. This school is well known because President George W. Bush attended (but dont let that bring down your opinion - they dont let idiots like him in anymore.)

Link to: (Andover)
Is she smart?
Yes, she goes to PA.
by Victoria February 12, 2005
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Playas/Playettes Association- a fictitious club that one has "entered" if they suddenly become a player
"whoa, peter, wasn't that your 3rd girl this week?!? welcome to the P.A.!!"
by lauren August 31, 2003
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Aka "poor ass". this describes someone or something which lacks in currency value.
"Look at Mikes' pants. He's soo fucking P.A."
by 7year January 25, 2009
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Stands for 'panic attack.' A physical response to shocking news in which you cannot breathe, your mind becomes a blur, and you feel the overwhelming urge to freak out. Most would characterize this episode as a 'freakout' or a 'bitch fit.'
"Oh my god, that creepy stalker from my chem lab ate breakfast with me this morning, and I almost had a PA."
by sweethearts May 06, 2008
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PA stands for the Procrastinators Anonymous. The Procrastinators Anonymous is a club for procrastinators (duh) who are not seeking help for their problem because well, lets face it, procrastinating is a good thing.
1. -Dude, are you going to the PA meeting today?
-Nah, I'll go later..
by Chel March 16, 2005
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