When my mother called me to get up and
get ready for school, I yelled "do you have to be so loud." She said "oh, feeling owly this morning, are we".
by Virginia Churchill Smith September 30, 2003
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cranky, unco-operative, negative; Synonyms: abusive, annoying, bad-tempered, beastly, bitchy, critical, cruel, despicable, disagreeable, distasteful, evil, fierce, hateful, malevolent, malicious, malign, malignant, ornery, owly, ruthless, sarcastic, sordid, spiteful, squalid, unkind, unpleasant, vicious, vile, wicked
It is not fun to be around owly people.
by Al August 23, 2003
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adj: Being recoginized for the coolness, wiseness, smartness, and beauty of an Owl
Owls are Owly
by Mike Anderson July 16, 2003
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(adj) Irritable, nitpicky with comments. Behavior often characterized by sarcasm which is intended as wit but often construed as verbal abuse. Origin unknown as this descriptor has little to do with the actual animal.
A - “What are those? Pajamas? Why would you wear them to work? They’ve got fish all over them?”
B - “What’s got you so owly today?”
by jack pericles March 18, 2010
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To be grumpy, with extreme attitude. Angsty, Curmudgeon-like. Think of a grumpy faced owl, that's being Owlie.
Man, you're sure owlie this morning.. go back to bed!
by iPosty April 28, 2011
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By calling someone an Owlie, you are calling them a loser, who has no life, and spends their time making theatrical references. Owlies are intensely annoying, they are often called "Angsty" "R00D" and "Idiot". Owlies have no idea what to do when it comes to social situations, so they are often made fun of. They are prone to injuries. If you through something while an Owlie is nearby, you will hit them. Do not hit the Owlie, they will come and attack you.
"Yo man, the fuck is that Owlie doing, sitting alone by herself like some kind of loser."
"But bro, she is a loser, she's an Owlie."
by OwlieSaunder October 23, 2017
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